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The factors influencing service execution

  1. The grip: A stiff grip can hinder wrist movement.
  2. Position of the player from the table.
  3. Angle of the racket before and at impact.
  4. Accurate throwing of the ball.
  5. Quick movement of the playing arm and wrist.
  6. Location of impact on the ball (under, side, backside, upper side).
  7. Location where it is bounced on the server's court (near the endline, middle of the court, or near the net).
  8. Movements of shoulder, waist, and feet that aid execution.
  9. Strength of arm and wrist.
  10. Deep concentration.
  11. Courage to use.
  12. Suitably grippy rubber.

Importance of the service: Offensive players must ensure their attacking tactics by delivering good services to desired locations.
Therefore, an appropriate service is a crucial starting point and provides a significant advantage.
Services should be directed to the weak side of the receiver, where weak returns are likely, allowing effective attack on service returns.
Constantly changing services prevents the receiver from getting accustomed to them.
Identify one effective service that the receiver struggles to handle and use it strategically, such as during crucial phases of the game or upon coach's signal.
Every player has a weaker side for returning serves. Utilize various services to exploit your opponent's weaker side. Effective services often determine match outcomes.
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