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Table Tennis Secrets - Number 2

I recently received a question from a table tennis player, and I believe the answer is worth sharing with you. (See my reply below.)

Dear Javad,
I've been undergoing some training lately, and I'm noticing improvements in my table tennis skills. However, I've reached a point where I feel like I can't progress any further. Do you think this is my limit? Please advise.
My Reply:


Congratulations on reaching a stage where you're seeing improvements in your skills!

What you're experiencing now is known as a "consolidation period," which occurs in the brain whenever we learn something new.

 Every bit of knowledge you've gained so far has contributed to the gradual improvement of your game. At this stage, your brain is processing and integrating this new information to ensure it comprehends how it fits into your overall skillset.

It's entirely possible that you may experience a temporary dip in your performance, and this is perfectly normal.

 Every player goes through such phases, and it's nothing to be concerned about. It's all part of the natural learning process.

There are two crucial things you must do now:

  1. Don't give up: Persistence is key to success in table tennis. Every successful player encounters these consolidation periods, and persevering through them is essential for progress.


  1. Don't assume this is the peak of your performance: As long as you continue learning and persisting, your skills will continue to improve as your brain becomes more receptive to new information.

 We'll delve into this in more detail later when we discuss the steps the brain undergoes during the learning process.


Remember, it's entirely normal not to see improvement every time you play. The important thing is to maintain overall progress in the right direction.

I hope this advice proves helpful in your game. Recognizing that rough patches are a natural part of improvement can truly make a difference in your table tennis journey.

Until next time!
Javad Ameri