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Table Tennis Secret
Lesson Four

Last time, we explored the power of beliefs and how altering them can eliminate any barriers in your game.

 Today, we're diving into a belief that has the potential to reshape not just your table tennis outlook, but your entire life.

"Five Words That Can Transform Your Life"

There are five words that I want to share with you – words that should be written down, memorized, and etched into your mind as the most rewarding way to achieve anything.

Anything? Yes, anything.

These five words have underpinned the success of the wealthiest individuals in history, from John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates.

They've brought more love, success, and happiness than one could ever imagine. Passed down through generations, these words have not only transformed individuals but have had a ripple effect on the world.

And those words are:

"Give and ye shall receive."

It's one of life's mysteries: the more you give, the more you receive.

 However, there's a catch – you must give without expecting anything in return.

Am I suggesting that to receive something, you must give it without expecting it back?

 Yes, indeed!

This isn't just a table tennis secret; it's a life secret (hmm, perhaps an idea for a website...) though we'll discuss its application in table tennis shortly.

It could almost be considered a universal truth: when you give with a grateful heart, you receive tenfold in return.

 Not always immediately, and not necessarily from the same source, but the world operates in a way that ensures you receive more than you give.

This shifts your mindset from receiving to giving, making you receptive to what you desire. It's quite simple, really.

I share this not because I'm particularly spiritual or religious, but as your new table tennis life coach, I want to provide you with what works, making your life and game significantly better!

Speaking of which, how can this principle benefit your table tennis game?
Now is the time to shift your focus from "how can I play better" to "how can I contribute to others in table tennis."

Given that you understand your own situation best, here are a few examples to consider:



While these scenarios are fictional, they illustrate various ways of giving in table tennis.

According to this universal law, not only will you receive more than you give, but others will also benefit immensely from your kindness!

Think of the possibilities!

So, never (I trust you wouldn't) make dishonest calls during play.

Encourage fellow players, even if they are your competitors.

If you notice a tell-tale sign from your opponent indicating their next shot, share it with them!

You might be wondering why I suggest this. It's because the universal truth will reward you abundantly.

You must trust it if you want to achieve all your aspirations.

I'll leave you to test this principle and enjoy the process!

Remember, giving without expecting anything in return is the surest path to receiving more than you ever imagined.

Until next time, I hope you've appreciated this week's insight from me!
Play well,