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Table Tennis Secret:
Lesson Five

Congratulations on making it this far through the lessons.

Have you been applying the tips we discussed a few days ago? Have you started noticing amazing improvements in your table tennis yet? If not, don't worry – they will come!

This time, I want to share a secret that many top table tennis players have in common, and it's crucial for your long-term success in the sport. In fact, it could be the difference between staying where you are and achieving greatness.

"How One Little Japanese Word Can Elevate Your Table Tennis"

Allow me to introduce you to a word that holds the key to long-term success in table tennis.

This word originates from Japan and is utilized by many top companies to ensure continuous growth and progress in the right direction.

The word is "kaizen," and it signifies slow, steady, incremental growth. Apologies for using a Japanese term, but its essence is invaluable.

I like to think of kaizen as making small improvements in your table tennis skills every day.

Whether it's engaging in fitness exercises, mental drills, or actual practice sessions, imagine how even the slightest enhancement in your abilities each day could significantly impact your game.

Let's be honest, most players engage in table tennis a few times a week and then don't give it much thought until the next session.

But we can be smarter than that!

Dedicated table tennis players expose themselves to the sport in some capacity every day.

This consistent exposure serves as a reminder to the brain of your aspirations.

When combined with goal-setting techniques, which we'll discuss in a later session, implementing the principle of kaizen will help you stay focused on achieving your dreams.

While we all wish for a magical solution to propel us above our competitors, the real key to enhancing your game lies in making continual, incremental improvements.

Before you know it, you'll find yourself outperforming your closest rivals by a significant margin!

Until next time, here's to elevating your game just like the champions do!

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