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The Power of Habits

Which habits | Identifying habits:

It may not sound like something that has much power, but the habits that you have basically determine what kind of Table Tennis player you are. It was when I determined to improve my habits that things really started to change in my Table Tennis.

Which habits?

Specifically, some habits are more important than others, such as the habits of self-discipline, self-control, perseverance, attention to detail, and so on.

But it is the habit of improving your habits (!) that I want to concentrate on in this article.

To a greater or lesser degree, we all have habits - they may change a little sometimes, but they generally stay the same unless forced to be altered.

For example, you may have the habit of getting nervous when you have match point. You may not even know that you have the habit because it is so ingrained deep down that it happens without you knowing it.

But once you ARE aware of it, you can then go about changing the habit.

 But it is that first step of making a resolution that you will get into the habit of improving your habits that you have to make before you can go on to identify and then improve them.

Identifying habits

So, take a moment now and write down any bad habits that you can think of in your table tennis, whether on court or off. To give you some help, here were some of mine:

• If I do a bad backhand drive, my next backhand drive will be even worse because I am thinking about the last one.

• If my opponent is standing right on the left corner to receive my serve, I lose confidence and serve badly.


• I always arrive late to training.

• I got into the habit of not warming up enough before playing.


I also got into the habit of always going for the backhand side first with my backhand.

I had no idea that I was doing most of these things, and I certainly hadn't taken any steps to prevent them from happening.

But as soon as I resolved to get into the habit of improving my habits, I started to beat them all relatively easily.


So, take the list that you have made, don't worry about curing them at this stage, but just resolve that you will get into the habit of improving each and every one.

 And once these destructive habits are conquered, of course, your game and your whole attitude will come on in leaps and bounds.

Until the next session, play right.