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The Re-Topspin

The re-topspin refers to a topspin used against an opponent's topspin.

It is the most difficult technical element in table tennis. The re-topspin can be made from three locations: away from the table (2-4 meters apart from the table), close to the table (50-80cm), and over the table.

  1. Re-Topspin Near the Table


When a ball is coming to your forehand side, you must step back to the right and backward direction, transferring the weight to the right leg.


With a slightly closed racket angle, swing the racket backward and bring it to a location slightly below the height of the waist.

Swing Before the Impact

From the position at the end of the backswing, swing the racket forward and upward toward the oncoming ball.


Make contact with the ball at the top of its bounce. Then, swing the playing arm forward, up, and slightly to the left. The racket should finish near your forehead with a short movement or in front of the left shoulder with a fast movement.

  1. Re-Topspin Over the Table


This is a new technique described as a stroke where the racket covers the ball. To execute this shot, you must have a precise racket angle and accurate contact with the ball. Correct racket angle and precise timing are key to success.

Move to the Position

The ideal position for using re-topspin over the table is 50-60 centimeters away from the table.

When a topspin comes to your forehand side, step backward and to the right with your right foot, while the left foot moves slightly toward the right foot.
For a topspin to your backhand side, step your left foot to the left while the right foot moves backward and to the left.


Swing the racket backward to a position slightly below the right of the waist. Stretch your racket hand, and turn your upper body to the right and backward direction. The racket must have a significantly closed angle, as the stroke involves covering the ball.



Swing Before the Impact

From the end of the backswing, swing the tilted racket quickly to the left, forward, and slightly upward toward the oncoming ball. This swing is more forward compared to other cases.

Hit the ball as soon as it bounces on the table or over the endline.

The racket should make a 50–60-degree angle with the table.

After the impact, move the racket hand to the left, forward, and slightly upward while pivoting your upper body to the left and backward.

Shift your weight to the left foot. For a re-topspin from the backhand side, move your left foot forward during the forward swing.

After using the re-topspin over the table, quickly step back to the ready position to prepare for the next shot.

Until next time, play right.

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